Holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Seville and currently lives and works in Madrid. Ana Barriga (Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, 1984) was awarded, among her latest achievements with the Daniel Vázquez Díaz grant, the International Painting Prize by the Focus Foundation, as well as prizes in the University of Seville and CICUS Plastic Arts competition and the Generations 2019 competition. She has also received various Residency Grants for creators and has pieces in collections such as those at the Andalusian Contemporary Art Centre (CAAC) of Seville, Montemadrid Foundation in Madrid, Canary Foundation for the Development of Painting (FCDP), DKV Collection and the Contemporary Art Centre (CAC) of Malaga.
 In her work she tries to strike the balance between reason and emotion, two seemingly contradictory areas that create a type of energy she is interested in
when they meet. She tries to focus on fun environments, a place shared by artists and children where prejudices are left behind and the most unexpected parts of
ourselves come to the surface. Humour, play and irony are all ways of seeing reality in a different and unexpected way, of breaking the norm. It is from here that
unpredictable situations emerge, situations that are new and attractive because they do not fit the rules.
She does everything she can to learn something new every day. Her work is inspired by passion but also by knowledge. She is dedicated to studying painting, a
language with a profound tradition and the place in which she thrives. Play is very important in both her work and her way of working. This idea can be found in three areas: 1) in the elements represented: the majority are children's pieces, decorative objects or objects used in everyday life. 2) in the way in which she works with and shapes said elements: she paints, breaks, disfigures, assembles or combines them in some kind of way, as though she were playing with them.
  And 3) in the way in which she approaches a piece: she tests, erases, paints again, modifies and even covers it with spray as though she were vandalising her own   work.




New York, April 2 – May 16, 2020