IN BLOOM gathers a group of contemporary artists, both emerging and established,  as they harness distinct compositional approaches and material choice in each of their practices. Themes such as “growth,” “process,” and “self-identity” are evoked by these works that encompass paintings, sculptures, mixed-media pieces and installation.


The title of the exhibition is an honest and humble reflection of this diverse group of artists as they continue to build their budding careers. The name is reminiscent of the operating stage of a flower’s life cycle, before it is entirely in bloom. Oftentimes flowers are adored for their appearance when they’re fully blossomed, and rarely when they are in the process of reaching their final stage. 

This show serves to draw attention to a crucial moment from each artist’s individual pathway, whether it’s from the past or present. Experiences cherished by the artists have become significant mementos to assist them as they progress into the next chapter.


Participating artists:


Alfonso Gonzalez Jr.

Jahlil Nzinga

Nikkolos Mohammed

Eri Wakiyama

Mike Reesé

Maceo Eagle

Sam Sundos

Gogy Esparza

Nihura Montiel

Kyle Reyes

Brent Owens

Walid Shaharul