Born, raised and resides in New York City. Nostalgic and subversive, Jerkface is a New York based artist most widely recognized for his playful repetitive re-imagination of pop culture iconography. Employing the artist’s signatures of geometric abstraction, transparency and repetition, protagonists and antagonists alike are transmuted into intricately painted motifs on canvas.  Facial features are often omitted from the artist’s work to challenge his audience to more profoundly connect with the subtle emotions elicited by his compositions. Deftly manipulating preconceived notions of form into new & compelling visual narratives, his paintings become sophisticated meditations on color and movement imbued with all the emotion, energy, and unbridled optimism of youth.


10 PORTADA.jpeg

             20 YEARS OF JERKFACE
            Feb 27 - March 1 / MAD  2020

IMG_3070-scaled (1).jpg

             THE FAMILY SHOW
           Nov 21 - Dic 28 / NYC  2019