About the Artist:
Willem Hoeffnagel born July 20th,1995 is a painter from the Netherlands. Born in Arnhem, a city that is filled with emerging artists and lovers of the arts, he has always been interested in drawing and painting from an early age.
After leaving a bachelor in entrepreneurship in Amsterdam, Willem enrolled in ArtEZ Zwolle to study illustration design. During that time, he focused on his personal style while also experimenting with new techniques and ideas.
However, Illustration didn’t fit what he was trying to achieve. He then decided to leave while he was in his third year, just one year away from graduating. Working on his art everyday helped with developing himself as an artist and it has formed him into the artist that he is now. Soon after that, he started to work on painting full time which led him to grow and explore within the medium he has come to love the most.
The recognizable figures that have often been featured in Willem’s work have been close to him for more than a decade. Using the figures as a placeholder for a person, whether himself or someone else, it allows him to portray a scene or part of a small story to the viewer without putting too much attention to who it’s meant to be.

About League OTO:
Founded in 2016, the League OTO art collective was founded on the premise that art collecting is for all and not just the select few. Our brand and its founders are committed to inspiring, empowering and educating a new generation of artist and art enthusiasts to actively participate in the art market where they have historically been vastly underrepresented. The League OTO online collective of over 100,000 artists, collectors, art professionals and celebrities has been credited in the media for growing the art market and challenging established artist/gallery/collector constructs. The collective has created artist editions, merchandise and actively promotes arts through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and leagueoto.com. League OTO gives back and supports the arts through promotion and coordination nonprofit events throughout the United States.