Patty Spyrakos is a mixed media sculptor and painter currently living and working in Reyk- javik, Iceland. The form her work takes is driven largely by process in relation to experimen- tation with material, while content is often informed by environmental influences based on place of residency or show location. Her body of work, while reinventing itself per show, also carries underlying themes tied to an evolution of psyche, mental and emotional struggles, and an evaluation of the formation of all manner of bonds within and between self and society.

2021 Solo Exhibition, Nowhere, Padre Gallery, New York, NY G R O U P E X H I B I T I O N S

2020 Two-Person Exhibition, Silly Things, Gallery Port, Reykjavik, Iceland
(with painter Baldur Helgason) 2020 Group Exhibition, I Saw You Post About It, La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 2019 Group Exhibition, Smalls to the Walls, Galerie F, Chicago, IL 2018 Two-Person Exhibition, Skemmtilegs, Gallery Port, Reykjavik, Iceland
(with painter Baldur Helgason) 2018 Group Exhibition, Couples Show, Galerie F, Chicago, IL 2018 Group Exhibition, Hot Fun in the Summertime, Line Dot Editions, Chicago, IL 2018, Group Exhibition, Pottery of Protest, Lincoln Square Pottery Studio, Chicago, IL 2018 Group Exhibition, Got it For Cheap, 0-0LA, traveling series of international group shows at various galleries including: GIFC Artist picks series curated by Andre Alethier, The Costume House, Toronto, Canada; GIFC Artist picks series curated by Mike Swaney, Emma Pardos Store, in Barcelona, Spain; GIFC Norway Tour hosted by Galleri Golsa 2017 Collaboration in Group Show, TV Dreams, Miishkooki, Skokie, IL (with painter Baldur Helgason) PRESS/PUBLICATIONS Rapid Fire Questions,, January 2021
“Silly Things” Happened in Iceland with the Works of Patty Spyrakos and Baldur Helgason, Juxtapoz, August 2020
When in Floam: Patty Spyrakos sculpts relief paintings using a kid’s science kit, It’s Nice That, February 2020
Endurmat og kynlíf ólíkar persónur (Reassessment and Six Different Characters), Frettabladid Newspaper (Iceland), August 2020
Artist Interview, La Luz De Jesus Gallery, December 2019
Sculptures of Sausages and Cocoa Milk, RUV Radio One Iceland, August 2018
Túlkanir í Skopmyndastíl (Cartoon Style Interpretations), Frettabladid Newspaper, August 2018 Samstiga á Skopmyndaleiðinni (Everyday phenomena and beings), Morgunbladid Newspa- per, Iceland, July 2018
Listahjónin Baldur og Patty standa fyrir sýningunni Skemmtilegs,, July 2018
Artist Interview, Voyage Chicago, Chicago Arts and Culture Weekly Review, May 2018 EDUCATION 1997 B.S. Psychology/Anthropology (with focus/graduate courses on Sensory Systems, Per- ception, and Evolutionary Psychology)
Studied Ceramics under Meg Biddle at Lincoln Square Pottery Studio
Shared studio and collaborative studies with Baldur Helgason 2004-2016 Creative Director/Sr. Designer at Yahoo! Inc