Commemorating the celebration of Zurab Tsereteli 87th birthday. (B. January 4, 1934), we are pleased to present Zurab Tsereteli: “Surrounded by flowers”, an exhibition of paintings and works on paper, curated by Pablo G. Villazan on view between January 4 - 15, 2021 at PADRE gallery New York.


In the world art history flowers take a special place becoming symbols of centuries-old history of feelings, emotions subtly hidden behind allegorical lilies, irises or violets. The language of flowers from the canvases of great masters speaks   no less eloquently than novels from each of the epochs.


 Flowers become either main characters or modestly complement compound compositions. Like a stem they permeate the eras and numerous artworks created by hundreds of artists from around the world. And today, flowers continue to inspire contemporary creators for new searches. Among them is Zurab Tsereteli.


The master born in sun-rich Georgia is always looking for the energy of the southern light to embody it in his works. For Tsereteli, flowers are a concept of his creative development, a special artistic vision.


Through the language of flowers, the artist shares with the viewer his joys and sorrows, tries to express the things that cannot be spoken out. For him to paint flowers means a constant training of eyesight, imagination, perception of the surrounding world. “Almost everywhere, where I live, work, either it is Moscow, Paris or New York I feel the lack of light. We are having so many grey days without any sun at all. And I receive my part of sun from flowers! They give me the sense of live and 3-D color” – Says Zurab Tsereteli. The vast pictorial series of flowers by Zurab Tsereteli can hardly be called still lives as these are deep images, multi-sided characters which reveal both strong emotions and idyll.


Zurab Tsereteli’s favorite flower is a sunflower reminding of the sun. Flowers show a special view of the artist who looking at the nature  manages to create an amazing set of combinations not similar to each other.